Proposal for participation

Proposal for participation in: A European Dialogue Forum – on the role of religion for cultural identity, democracy and peace

“Visions for the Future” The Sigtuna Foundation, Sweden, 18-20 May 2015


You can copy the following lines into an e-mail and then fill in the adequate information. Please send this e-mail to 

Please write ”Visions for the Future – Proposal” as the subject for this e-mail.

The deadline for proposals is the 1st of March, and we will respond to proposals by mid March.



First name:

Last name:

Affiliation (my academy/institution):

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I would like to have a short presentation under the following theme/rubric:


Beyond covering all my expenses for the participation in the Dialogue Forum at the Sigtuna Foundation, I would like to apply for financial support for travel for the following reason:


I estimate the travel cost to be:



If you have any further questions, you are welcome to write to the same e-mail address that is indicated above ( We will try to supply you with the information needed.


Alf Linderman, project director for the Dialogue Forum


Sofia af Geijerstam, information officer and project co-director


Helena Edman, project assistant