Hotel & conference

In a unique setting, inspired by the Italian monasteries , the Sigtuna Foundation Hotel & Conference attracts people from all over the world. The creative and peaceful atmosphere that characterizes the place is not easy to describe but all the more exciting to discover. Located in central Sigtuna, with only fifteen minutes ton Stockholm Arlanda Airport and less than an hour to Stockholm, you are always close to the rest of the world.

Please call us directly with your request + 46 8 592 589 00

The hotel at the Sigtuna Foundationhave 62 guestrooms, and nearly all of them look different from one another! This variety brings a very unique atmosphere to the place, hard to find elsewhere. Breakfast is served every morning and i always included in the price.

Konferenslokalen Insikten

At the Sigtuna Foundation we have hundred years of experience in arranging meetings. We offer all the modern facilities required combined with an atmosphere that stimulates creativity and reflection.