Research & Development

100 years ago the Sigtuna Foundation was built with the aim to inspire human thought and reflection. The founders, with the first leader Manfred Björkquist and Archbishop and Noble Peace Prize laureate Nathan Söderblom, had great ideas for the Foundation with the ambition to offer an open space for people with different backgrounds, traditions and viewpoints to meet, interact and learn from one another in atmosphere of mutual respect. They wanted the Sigtuna Foundation to be of significance for the societal development focusing on contemporary issues and challenges. Today, the Sigtuna Foundation, has extensive education and research department activities. The goal is still to work on issues that, from a Christian existential humanistic perspective, are important for our contemporary and future society.

The Sigtuna Foundation operate as a center for education and research. Our main focus areas are: The multicultural and multi-religious society, Media faith and society, Sustainability and humanism and Dialogue, culture, science and faith.

For questions about the Sigtuna Foundation’s research and development activities, please contact the Sigtuna Foundation’s Director Alf Linderman, [email protected]