The Sigtuna Foundation has since 2015 been cooperation with DIGMEX that is a part of a research program led by Phd. associate Professor Amanda Lagerqvist at The Department for Informatics and Media (IM) at Uppsala University. “Existential Terrains: Memory and Meaning in Cultures of Connectivity”. DIGMEX is a transdisciplinary and trans-sectorial network for a philosophical, empirical and practical discussion about our digital existence. The network seminars constitute a meeting place across academic disciplines but also between the academic world and representatives of other sectors such as for instance the Swedish Church, Swedish health care, The Swedish National Media Council and Digisam (the secretariat for National coordination of digitalization of cultural heritage).

Several conferences within the network has been held at The Sigtuna Foundation: ”Digital Existence: Memory, Meaning, Vulnerability” in October 2015: and  ”Digital Existence II: Precarious Media Life” in Octoer 2017. These were followed by a symposium in February 2018 on the topic “Existential Health and Suffering in the Digital Age”. This was filmed by the Swedish Television and can be seen here (in Swedish). There is a vision for organizing a third conference “Digital Existence III: Directions in Existential Media Studies” for August 2020.