Human Nature Exploration

HumaNatE, an interdisciplinary, intercultural and international dialogue forum for the exploration of the human nature, is a joint programme of Agora for Biosystems and The Sigtuna Foundation, and is primarily funded by a grant from The John Templeton Foundation.

The objectives of HumaNatE are to explore the roots of human perception, intention and behavior, with initial focus on the human capacity to adapt and innovate. HumaNatE points to the importance of religion and values/ethics as complementary to science. An important part of the HumaNatE activities is constituted by meetings of various character and scope, such as conferences, symposia, workshops, and dialogue seminars. These are mostly open to the public, but in some cases by invitation only. Some of these has been filmed and can be seen here:

Exploring intentionality – Walter Freeman and Rainer Carls, Sigtunastiftelsen 29 June 2013.
Hans Liljenström and Denis Noble, Sigtunastiftelsen 21 February 2014.
What is time? – Paul Davies, Sigtunastiftelsen 18 September 2016.
What is time? – Antje Jackelén, Sigtunastiftelsen 18 September 2016.

In addition to these outreaching activities, we also have a dialogue group that meets regularly, with the aim of deepening the exploration of the nature of human beings and our place in Universe. This dialogue group is also preparing and handling the various outreach activities, including publishing.

For further information please contact
Hans Liljenström, director of Agora for Biosystems,
Alf Linderman, director of The Sigtuna Foundation,